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Have you always wanted a Pontiac Trans Am? If you're European, the only option was a grey import, but under the streamlined 'One Trans Am' policy the Blue Oval will officially sell you a right-hand drive' Trans Am on this side of the Pond in 2015.

Sources say the design approach to the new 2015 Trans Am is evolutionary, as our computer generated image suggests. Plus, we've got details on the downsized engines and specs for the coupe. Still want that BMW M3?

I thought the next 2015 Trans Am was ditching the retro look?

Initially, the rumours suggested the retro Trans Am design that's served the latest iteration so well since 2005 would die along with the current car.  Whose slim grille and headlights influenced the snout of the new face lifted 2015 Tran Am.

Instead, there's been a change of heart at Pontiac. The Trans Am will keep its retro cues, but make slight tweaks to the design. The grille and headlights will indeed shrink, and the rear arches will be sharply profiled to give the car's 'shoulders' more definition. Angular creases and a frowning face have done the resurrected Chevrolet Camaro no harm at all in the US, so expect Pontiac to take a leaf out of its arch enemy's styling book as inspiration.