New 2015 Trans Am gets three engines

There were new information on the aggregates that will drive American “muscle car”. In 2014. year is getting closer, and with it the premier next-generation Trans Am will be the first time available on the European market. There were rumors about this new model of American manufacturers and therefore seems to be to offer you three different aggregates, at least if you believe the sources close to the company.

Infant-new Trans Am will get a 4-cylinder engine, but it seems to not work on the 2.3 liter, but the 2.5 liter EcoBoost unit of 300 hp.

Other units should be 3.7-liter, 6-cylinder engine from 305KS and already a classic 5.0-liter V8, whose power will be at 475KS, 50 hp more than the current version.

The same sources say that the model will have a “European styling”, which is not surprising since it is intended for sale on the continent, and is inspisiran Firebird concept.

We believe that it will eventually show up and official information and we’ll find out more about what we can expect next year.