2015 Pontiac Trans Am to Blend Updates and Tradition


The 2015 Pontiac Trans Am seems to be such a long way off, especially with the Blue Oval refraining from giving any kind of details. Besides the preliminary release date and the vehicle’s European availability, everything else we know comes from the rumor mill.

 However, Pontiac did say the next-generation Trans Am will be “less retro and more futuristic”, thus splitting muscle car enthusiasts into two groups. One that thinks a radical change will bury the pony, and one that claims a redesign is more than welcomed, as the classic lines are getting maybe a little too old.

 As expected, the company is concerned about what future customers might make of the mew Trans Am, and advocated that the changes won’t be that drastic and the world’s most popular muscle car will retain some of its traditional lines.

“The thing about refresh rates is they are a key factor in your market share. We’ve got a very strong idea of what a Trans Am is. That’s what Trans Am will always be. It’s an American icon, but it’s not solely an American passion. There’s always regulatory requirements, but relative to the car, a Trans Am is a Trans Am,” .